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Flexible Solutions for Your Control Room

Synectics Controllers and KeyboardsSynectics control solutions are designed to meet the needs of specific control room applications.

Ranging from the comprehensive EX300 Control Suite, which delivers significant efficiency savings compared to traditional keyboards, to the user-friendly EX100 Controller, our solutions give operators new levels of flexibility and performance. This includes:

  • Combining the latest mobile and app technology with ergonomically designed keypads and joysticks to create individually tailored workstation layouts.
  • Enabling faster incident response times by bringing Synergy 3 functionality - like alarm management and video editing control - into the EX300 Control Suite App
  • Providing compact keypads and joysticks with backlighting, USB power, plug and play installation, and DNV Type Approval.

EX300 Control Suite
Tablet-based Command and Control

Synectics EX300 Control SuiteEngineered with the surveillance operator in mind, the EX300 Control Suite is comprised of an easy-to-install Synergy 3-based EX300 App, and the EX300 Joystick and Keypad. These devices provide reliable and flexible interoperability for surveillance room operators. And, with auto-discovery wizards, device installation is quick and easy.

Find out more about the EX300 Control Suite >>

EX250 Keyboard
Fast and Accurate Control

Synectics EX250 KeyboardThe Synectics EX250 Keyboard is ideal for small, mid-size, and enterprise class surveillance applications. It delivers efficient design, fast and accurate control, industrial standard reliability, and the widest support of third-party integration available through Synergy solutions. The EX250 Keyboard delivers total design and operational flexibility, in either Synergy client workstation connected mode or as a standalone remote client.

Download the EX250 Keyboard Data Sheet >>

EX100 Control Keyboard
A Plug and Play Solution

Synectics EX100 Keyboard ControllerThe EX100 Control Keyboard is compact and operator friendly, making it the smart choice for applications where space is at a premium. It has been designed as a user-friendly plug and play device, allowing operators to select and control camera stations via an intuitive keypad and three-axis joystick.

Download the EX100 Controller Data Sheet >>

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