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Enterprise-Class Recording and Monitoring

Modern day casinos and racetracks are tightly regulated, cash-intensive, and difficult to secure and monitor. They record hundreds of real-time cameras 24/7/365 and their operators must distinguish card suits, rapid hand movements and currency denominations in poor lighting from vaulted ceilings.

With the most complex and demanding surveillance environments in the world, gaming operators require unparalleled picture quality, third party system integration, video response time, system redundancy and flexibility.

Advanced Third Party Systems Integration

Designed for uncompromising performance and versatility, Synectics’ enterprise-class digital recording system, with Synergy 3 security management software, is the gaming industry’s fastest-growing surveillance solution. Unlimited cameras, motion picture quality video, efficient storage rates, multiple layers of failover, the most user-friendly interface available, and comprehensive management controls set Synectics apart.

Casino Combines Security with Service

A Chicago-based Casino’s newly upgraded surveillance system, powered by the Synergy command and control platform, delivers increased capabilities to detect and investigate theft, fraud and security threats on a 24/7 basis.


Synectics also works well with others. In other words, our “open” technology efficiently integrates to legacy third party matrices, PTZs, access control, POS and slot management systems for a total security and surveillance solution. Advanced integration of third-party systems to Synectics' Synergy security management software, enables a powerful array of video / data driven analysis tools referred to as Dataveillance. These tools allow operators to combine data events from multiple alarm and transactional systems and create customised situation management alarms designed to expose internal theft, computer fraud and cheat scams unique to casinos.

Redundancy and Resilience: Preventing Data Loss and Downtime

We set out actions you can take at system and unit level to protect your surveillance network against data loss and downtime.

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With its intuitive user interface, casino operators use Synergy to identify and prosecute cheats, player scams, staff collusion, bogus liability claims, theft and other security infringements. Much more than a security system, Synergy also helps customer service and HR personnel resolve customer disputes, reconcile cash payouts, audit time clock activity, monitor traffic, and track high stakes players.

Installed in the world’s largest and busiest gaming facilities, Synectics is a recognised industry leader with more than 100,000 cameras recording in 100 casinos throughout North America, Canada, Asia and Europe.

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