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Surveillance for High-Value, High-Risk Environments

Synectics’ broad range of field proven security products is ideally suited for the unique demands of financial institutions, cash centres and data centres. In the banking environment video surveillance systems are crucial to monitor and mitigate the ever-present risk of robbery, fraud, sabotage and violence common to high-value environments.

Reliable monitoring of cash and data centres, corporate headquarters, branch locations and ATM sites, requires high quality video, redundant networked systems, maximum retention, fast efficient video retrieval associated with access control and alarm systems integration.

Synectics’ integrated surveillance system helps monitor employee and customer safety, minimise asset loss, reduce fraudulent credit card, cheque and cash transactions, improve operational performance, speed up investigations and better manage liability and customer service.

Integrated Security Management

Synectics combines flexible, robust hardware with its “open architecture” Synergy™ command and control software platform, to create a comprehensive banking security solution. A variety of leading third party access control, intercom and intruder control panels are integrated with Synergy so operators are presented with relevant video, operating procedures, and essential process controls in the event of an alarm.

For critical business sites Synectics provides a “Dual-Control” solution, enabling complete site management and control from both the local site and a remote location. Vehicle and personnel entry to the site can all be controlled from the remote location through Synergy, removing the risk of incidents associated with unauthorised attempts to gain access.

With durability, flexibility, value pricing and global service and support, Synectics has become the system of choice for leading financial institutions worldwide.

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