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Marine Surveillance: Plotting the Challenges of the New Arctic Sea Routes

The shipping industry is vital to the global economy. With 90% of world trade transported by sea, there is always scope for cost saving innovations to assist in keeping the world running efficiently. Improving safety and security is one such method and is becoming increasingly crucial as shipping firms look north to new sea routes through the arctic.

This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at marine safety and security's need for surveillance and covers:

  • Mitigating the new risks of new shipping environments.
  • Key improvements in surveillance and navigational safety.
  • How modern surveillance solutions streamline operations in temperatures as low as -55°C.
  • Enhancements in monitoring the environmental impact of incidents.

This essential guide underpins why the maritime security industry is predicted to be worth over $20bn by 2020.

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Infographic: Shipping and Surveillance in Arctic Sea Routes

Download a summary of the key surveillance trends in Arctic Sea Routes, and explore the impact increased shipping has on risk management and the application of technology.

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