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Synectics Releases New 16-Channel PCI-e Encoder for Gaming Industry at Global Gaming Expo 2008

18 September 2008

Synectics, a leading developer and manufacturer of enterprise-class digital recording surveillance solutions, announced today that its new eSynx-16 encoder and paddleboard would be officially released at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, NV. The internal 16-channel encoder and accompanying paddleboard will be shown in Synectics’ booth (#6121) Nov. 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Demonstrations will showcase Synectics’ suite of innovative digital recording solutions for the gaming surveillance industry.

The eSynx-16 is an enhancement to Synectics’ Modular Digital Recording System (MDRS), a cost-effective, yet simple-to-use, surveillance solution for casino environments. This compact PCI-e encoder uses H.264 compression technology that reduces storage requirements while recording high quality video images at higher frame rates. Last year, Synectics was among the first key players in the highly competitive gaming surveillance industry to announce the release of H.264 encoding and the eSynx-16 represents another technological step forward.

“Synectics strives to offer the most cost-effective, simple-to-use, high-performance and reliable digital video recording products in the marketplace,” said John Katnic, vice president and chief operating officer of Synectics Systems Inc. “Our gaming customers will quickly adopt the new eSynx-16 encoder, because it gives them motion picture quality H.264 video, while reducing cost, physical footprint, heat and power consumption. It’s the classic ‘more for less’ technology improvement!”

The eSynx-16 encoder resides in a networked server, connecting via a single HD68 SCSI cable to an external 1U Synectics’ paddleboard device installed on the back of the rack behind the server. The paddleboard supports up to 16 analogue camera inputs to communicate with the eSynx-16. Up to two of the PCI-e encoders can be housed per 2U server to provide 32 channels of high quality video recording in an all-in-one box. The eSynx-16 solution, therefore, fits into a very efficient footprint, making it especially well-suited for vessel-based gaming and other surveillance environments where space and budget are limited. In addition to saving space, this PCI-based encoding technology also reduces power consumption and heat dispensation, thus adding to the overall cost savings.

Katnic continued, “When used with Synergy™, our award-winning command and control video management system, the low cost, hardware-agnostic eSynx-16 encoder is ideal for surveillance applications where both analogue and IP cameras must be monitored and recorded together in a wholly integrated environment.”

Synectics’ new eSynx-16 is available for immediate delivery. It is fully compatible with Synectics’ Synergy software suite, a video management application with custom third party integrations tailored to the gaming surveillance industry.